Participant Experience


Past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:

“This course has had an impact on my personal life and my professional life in multiple ways! I incorporate lifestyle medicine into practice through motivational interviewing and sharing the evidence with patients, and I deliberately seek out opportunities to teach and spread the word.”

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I am implementing many of the principles from this course in counseling patients for both pre-op preparations and post-op enhancements.”

“I am now starting up a lifestyle medicine rotation and clinic for medical students and family medicine residents.”

“This course has led me to bring more meditation and motivating interviewing into my psychotherapy practice.”

“The research presented on postoperative pain has impacted my development of breast cancer survivorship plans.”

“I am facilitating 30-minute walks with patients at my health center twice a week, offering cooking classes, and planning shared patient visits to help our chronically ill patients achieve healthier lifestyle goals.”

“I now write better exercise prescriptions for patients, listen better for change talk from patients, and use less coercion in weight loss and diet discussions.”

“This course has catalyzed my development of a lifestyle medicine curriculum that can be used in my large community health center network geared toward the underserved patient population that does not have access to health clubs, health coaches, whole foods grocery stores and the like.”

“In taking a patient’s history, I now consider exercise a vital sign, and am using the ‘ask-tell-ask’ formula presented in this course.”

“My approach to patients who haven't succeeded in behavior is vastly different now and is an opportunity for me to develop skills in motivational counseling.”

“I have incorporated EBP from this program into my education of patients with diabetes, and am using the suggestions offered regarding motivational interviewing to help convince patients of the need to make lifestyle changes.”

“I have a role in quality of care, and am pushing to adopt quality measures that are more in line with lifestyle medicine concepts.”

“This course has influenced my plan to change my professional focus from treatment of disease/illness to prevention & promotion of healthy lifestyles and empowering my patients toward wellness.”

“I am adding lifestyle medicine principles to my care of patients with arthritis.”


Clinicians Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching


“The larger group combined with the smaller group instruction was excellent.”

"Chef Coaching with Rani has been a wonderful experience! Just the skills I learned to batch-cook and use my freezer to cut down on cooking time made the experience worthwhile.”

“With Rani’s support, I was able to experiment, try new cooking techniques, and realize what I liked to do best in the kitchen so cooking didn’t feel like such a big chore. I also appreciated the recipes and the ability to ask a real chef my most basic cooking questions.”

“The weekly support during the program with accountability and follow-up was a tool that helped me progress to where I wanted to go in areas beyond the kitchen."


“The course sessions on meal planning, food preparation, grocery shopping, storage techniques, and trying new ingredients were very helpful in building my culinary skills and confidence in the kitchen."

“I enjoy sharing whole food recipes with and cooking tips with my patients in my Internal Medicine practice--it is wonderful to watch many of my patients try new recipes, increase the number of home cooked meals, change dietary patterns, and enjoy becoming full participants in the management of their healthcare."